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xfspoilerfree's Journal

Spoiler Free Community for X-Philes
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This is a community for X-Files fans who want to remain completely unspoiled for XF2 before seeing it in theatres.

Starting from July 20th, there will be daily episode discussions (the schedule is available here), caption competitions, fic recs and more...

This is a place to appreciate the X-Files and hang out with other fans without the fear of being spoilered. The community will stay open for as long as it is needed.

You will need to join the community to see and comment on the posts, as only the intro post is public.

Membership is moderated to prevent trolling. After July 20th, posts will be moderated.
In light of recent spoilers being leaked, all posts are being moderated as of now. When you submit a post to the community, it will join a queue awaiting approval by a moderator.

If you have created a new LJ account to join this community, please comment to this post and explain a little about who you are. Include your Haven username if you have one. We cannot approve your membership request unless you comment to prove that you are a person!

This community has a one strike policy; one misstep on the spoiler front, and you're out! Seeing the movie for the first time in theatres without being spoilered is important to everyone here, and anything done to diminish members' ability to do that will not be tolerated.

Any details about the movie/plot/characters other than those officially released by FOX as of July 12th are considered spoilers. This includes rumours, pictures, set videos, behind the scenes photos, call sheets, scene details and any icons of spoilery material.

FOX promotional material from later dates will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Speculation is fun, but please tread extremely carefully.

Recent interviews have had spoilery content, so please do not post or refer to them here.

These may seem like extreme measures, but everyone has a different level of sensitivity to spoilers and this community is designed to be a fun place, where no one need worry about encountering anything that they don't want to see.

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